Agency Partner FAQ

These are some of the most commonly-asked questions about the United Way of Williams County.  To see an answer, just click on a question.  If your question is not answered here, check the General FAQCampaign FAQ or email us.

What requirements must United Way agencies meet?

United Way agencies must meet strict guidelines. An agency must demonstrate that it is performing an essential service to the community. It must be a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation governed by a volunteer managing board whose members are elected. Its operations are to be conducted by a trained, professional staff where appropriate. It must undergo an independent annual financial audit or equivalent evaluation and must meet reasonable standards of financial responsibility and efficiency.

Why do some member organizations charge fees?

No service provider is completely funded by United Way dollars. Organizations may depend upon service or membership fees, endowments, or grants for financial support. Frequently, organizations offer sliding fee schedules so that people are charged, where appropriate, based on their ability to pay.

How does an agency or organization become a United Way funding partner?

Any registered not-for-profit agency that provides health and human services to the people of Williams County and meets identified critical community needs and priorities may apply for United Way funding. Agencies must submit detailed financial statements, a certified audit, as well as information on programs and services to be provided. Volunteers review all applicants and make decisions about funding. For more information about applying, contact United Way staff.

I know of someone who didn’t get help. Don’t United Way and its partners programs help everyone?

No individual or family is turned away deliberately. Usually when people are unable to receive help from a non-profit organization, it is because limited funds necessitate long waiting lists or because the organization does not offer the specific services individuals or families are seeking.

I give to United Way but still get solicitations from its funding partners. Why?

United Way of Williams County support provides only part of the operational expenses of our funding partners. In other words, United Way dollars fund specific programs and initiatives of each funding partner. United Way does not fund the entire agency.

All funding partners agree not to solicit through payroll deductions at the workplace and not to solicit gifts during the United Way campaign (August 15-October 31). They can fundraise in the community outside of this time period to help support programs and operating expenses. If you are already supporting the United Way campaign, you know you are already making a significant contribution to the community and assisting that agency’s mission.

Does United Way of Williams County support Planned Parenthood?

No, United Way of Williams County does not currently fund Planned Parenthood or any other organization that renders abortion services.

Does United Way of Williams County support the Boy Scouts?

Yes. United Way of Williams County historically and currently invests in the Boy Scouts of America, Black Swamp Council.

Does the United Way support religious agencies?

There are some organizations that provide some human care programs that are religiously affiliated. United Way Worldwide prohibits the direct support of churches but does allow us to assist church-sponsored organizations that are providing social services. United Way funds are directed to those programs of the organizations that serve the community. In fact, many churches themselves support United Way.

Agency programs are available to anyone regardless of race, creed or religion.