By making it easier for individuals to access substance abuse programs, receive quality healthcare and access nutritious foods, we’re fighting to help everyone get—and stay—healthy in our community.

Goal: Individuals & families improve their health.
$40,550 Funded

A Renewed Mind
Information & Referral: $7,500 grant
Williams County information on resources available 24/7 by calling 1-800-468-4357.

Community Health Professionals
Hospice: $2,000 grant

This program has been in existence for 25 years. The goal is to provide comprehensive, progressive, community-based health care services. Our agency believes in high quality, compassionate care that promotes independence, dignity and safety. We also believe in providing community educational opportunities.

Kidney Foundation of Northwest Ohio
Patient Services Program: $500 grant

Created in 1966.The Patient Services Program organizes and provides a coordinated continuum of services. The Program addresses quality of life issues and appropriate referral services; includes providing transportation to and from dialysis, prescription medications, nutritional supplements, and medical equipment to patients suffering from kidney disease. The Program services are offered free of charge; KFNWO doesn't ask for a fee for service.

Maumee Valley Guidance Center
Clubhouse: $2,000 grant

Clubhouse is a beneficial and greatly appreciated program that was started over 15 years ago. Clubhouse is designed to support the clients’ desires and goals to remain in their natural community environment. Many of the clients that Maumee Valley Guidance Center serves live with a variety of mental illnesses (depression, mood disorders, anxiety and panic disorders, trauma/stress related issues) that restrict them from being socially active in the community and engaging in meaningful activities. Clubhouse allows these clients to come together in a supportive environment with supervision from clinical staff to travel to surrounding communities, to partake in new activities/events, and to enjoy simple pleasures that others may take for granted. Some examples of these various activities that our clients have enjoyed include going to the YMCA, the library, The Toledo Art Museum, Sauder Village, Spangler Candy Company tour, bowling, and area thrift/bargain stores. Clubhouse is a four hour program that is typically ran four days out of the week.

Maumee Valley Guidance Center
Mental Health First Aid: $3,250 grant
Mental Health First Aid is an evidence-based program through the National Council for Behavioral Health. It is an 8-hour course that teaches people to recognize and respond to warning signs of mental health issues and how to link people to appropriate treatment and resources. Mental Health First Aid was started back in 2001 in Australia and began in the United States in 2008. Mental Health First Aid has been available to the Four County area since 2015. It was previously offered through Four County Family Center; when that agency was closed in 2018, Maumee Valley Guidance Center took on the program to continue offering this valuable training to our communities. Since July 2018, Maumee Valley Guidance Center has presented 15 Mental Health First Aid trainings throughout the Four County area, with over 200 participants becoming certified in Mental Health First Aid.

Northwestern Ohio Community Action Commission (NOCAC)
Summer Food Program: $4,000 grant

NOCAC has been a sponsor of the USDA Summer Food Service Program since 2009. The NOCAC program started with 3 lunch sites located in 2 counties and, as of 2018, had increased these sites to 19 lunch and snack sites located in five counties. If a school has more than 50% of their students eligible for free or reduced meals, or if census tract data in an area has more that 50% of the children eligible for free/reduced meals, the site can be an open site. This means that income eligibility forms are not needed and all age eligible children can be served a meal. Running open sites creates the feeling of openness allowing the social stigma of low income to fade away.

The Center for Child and Family Advocacy, Inc.
Counseling: $5,000 grant

The Center for Child and Family Advocacy, Inc. (CCFA) was founded in 1986 through the efforts of a small group of dedicated individuals who formed a grassroots organization. Today, CCFA provides therapy for individuals affected by abusive behaviors and other mental health issues. Treatment modalities include: individual counseling, family counseling, marital counseling, play therapy, sandtray therapy, and group therapy. Victims of sexual assault may engage in individual therapy. Domestic violence victims may participate in individual therapy or in a domestic violence prevention group. Also, intensive, family-based therapy (home-based therapy) is offered in Williams County to ensure services are accessible to all residents seeking assistance. 

Williams County Family YMCA
YMCA Membership Scholarship Program: $6,000 grant

Our mission compels us to give back to our communities by offering developmental opportunities to all through experiences in youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. We can fulfill our promise to reach all by subsidizing membership and program fees for those who simply do not have the means to pay the full amount and therefore would not be able to participate. We are able to make this program possible only through a combination of United Way funding and the generosity of those in the community who contribute to our annual support campaign. The program has been in place since the building was established in 1989 and has provided access to YWCA/YMCA experiences for thousands of members of the Williams County community who otherwise would not have been able to do so.

Williams County Health Department
Child Passenger Safety Program: $1,800 grant
The Child Passenger Safety Program has been in existence since 1990. The Car Seat Program provides any parent or care giver with a free educational and installation session with one of the Health Department's certified technicians. These sessions provide care givers with the skills and knowledge necessary to safely transport a child in a car seat while in a vehicle. The program also provides eligible care givers with free car seats. This removes the barrier of cost when it comes to the safety of a child in a vehicle. If the caregiver is receiving a car seat through us, they are required to have the educational session when they receive the seat. This is vital, as it can be a safety issue if the seat is not installed correctly.

United Way of Williams County
Let Me Play Fund: $3,000 grant
The United Way of Williams County recognizes that activities for kids, including sports, and recreation programs help build self-esteem and teach life skills like teamwork, dedication, and work ethic. The “Let Me Play” fund was established in 2003 to provide player’s fees, uniform costs, or even equipment to children who would like to participate in area recreation programs, but do not have the means to pay the fees.

United Way of Williams County
Processing of Meat: $5,500 grant
Anonymous farmers in Williams County donate sows and cows to the United Way of Williams County.  We take this meat, pay for the processing, and donate it to the area food pantries for distribution to families and individuals in need.